Miller Hauler Engine Build Photos

The engine in the Miller Hauler is a Donovan Model D 4 cylinder all aluminum.  Brian Stinger (Stinger’s Hot Rod Shop) fit the engine with a Steve Serr all aluminum “Hi-Speed Miller” head.  He put an aluminum no-leak Steve Serr water-pump on it….but Stinger had to make a billet aluminum water-pump drop (Joe Kerr and Ron Hively – Indy) so the Model A two blade fan could be lowered to fit under the hood for as low as Stinger made the chassis sit.  The engine sits on a hand-fabricated motor mount that Stinger made and doubles as an alternator mount.  Custom billet pulleys were made by Joe Kerr.  Stinger added a Power Master alternator/generator that has been modified with stainless steel screens…a brass Kokomo electric tag….and a faux oil-cup on the back of the generator.  There is a custom flip-top cap on a billet aluminum oil filler tube that Stinger made.  Stinger also hand-fabricated a spark plug wire separator made out of 1 inch steel tubing.  There’s a custom-made dual carb intake manifold.  Stinger custom-made billet aluminum heat exchangers that run from the headers to the intake manifold.  There is a custom Stinger engine turned stainless steel heat shield that sit on top of the intake manifold.  There are two Stromberg 97 carbs turned sideways with custom linkage.  The air cleaners were fabricated by Stinger out of 1930’s Chris Craft boat ventilators.  Stinger custom made a billet plate that joins the top of the carbs together and he clam-shelled the 4 air scoops together over the carbs.  The fan shoud is a work of art.  Stinger hand-fabricated it out of six piece of aluminum and riveted it together….it mounts onto a Steve Long brass radiator.  Lawrence at Rad Rides custom machined a brass Miller valve cover insert that fits on top of the engine.  Moose at Rad Rides sanded the block for painting and final detail then Warren painted it.  Stinger spiraled machined every bolt head on the truck.  All of bolts are drilled and safety wired by Jack.


  1. BeeaUUUtiful!!! It’s almost a shame to put paint on all of that.

  2. I really like your build, very concise and reflecting good planning and engineering in the execution .
    I have a Donovan Model D with a Gemsa 4 port set up rocker arm version . Engine is complete and waiting to install in a 1930 Coupe that has 1940 F&R juice brakes and t 5 trans.
    Hope to be on the road in 2012.

    RJ So Ca

    • R Johnson Says:

      HI again,
      Hope u are having fun with your SPECIAL , I know my 1930 Coupe is having fun , the Donovan is awsome.
      Enjoy RJ So Ca

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